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Supreme C

Lately, I’ve been thinking about consistency in C programming language API. Honestly, for me Go Programming Language is very well designed. Not to mention that a bunch of smart peoples are behind it.

I like Go interface, I like how to Go handle an error, awesome standart libraries, awesome communities, etc. I would like to write in C and feels like to write Go code. Can I have it?

Right now, I have an idea to create an simple, consistent, and high-level C programming language API. I called it “Supreme C”. In case you curious, “Supreme C” I take from Supreme Chancellor name.

I would like to have an API that handle a low level stuff for netoworking, so I can use a function like connect("localhost:8080") and socket file descriptor ready to read and write is returned.

I want to write and read buffer safely. So, using io.Reader and io.Writer concept from Go programming language is a good idea.

Maybe I will start building Supreme C from the problem that I need to solve. But, I already have the big picture. Supreme C will look like a standart Go library.