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Sale Stock Backend Technical Assesment

Update 29 January 2016

I take the offer from Sale Stock Indonesia to be their Jr. Data Scientist.
Start from 15 February 2016 I will join the Data Science Departement at Sale Stock Indonesia.
Also, It turns out that at saturday dan sunday they off from work. That's why they are not responding my email.

I passed the Salestock backend technical assesment.

This commit will exactly tell you how I felt at that time.

For me, they are not responsive. I got reply after 2 days. It make me feel like

“Ok, You guys are contact me and told me todo this. I will not working on this if you are not responding my questions”

But, I’m afraid at the same time. I’m afraid that I became a person who can’t hold their words. Because, I say to the recruiters who call me that I’m going to do their assesment.

So, I decided to working on it and here it is the result. After I submit my work, the recruiter call me that I passed their backend technical assesment a few hours later.

The recruiters only say that my submission is good. Wondering if they are ever really read my code.