pyk deep learning & natural language processing

This year, I should be better at X

2015 was a great year. I have fails and learn from so much experiences. Let’s recap!

In January, I started a reading challenge on Goodreads. I have read 8 of 12 books. It seems that i’m not good at keeping a schedule.

This year, I should be better at setting an expectation.

I also wrote an opinion in Bahasa titled “Kita Bisa Memilih”. This opinion is to persuade my friends to use their time wisely. But, the way I wrote it is still messy.

This year, I should be better at writing an opinion. It should be honest and more enjoyable to read for the other.

I participated in The Gopher Gala, the world’s first Go(lang) distributed hackathon, and submitted a Wisdom. There are many code dupclication in here.

This year, I should be better at refactoring the source code.

In February, I enrolled CS50. But, I’m not finish it. I only get excited for the first two weeks or so. I have to focus on my courses in college.

This year, I should be better at making a commitment.

In March, I started creating content on {ubuntu, golang} Which now the domain has expired. My savings is not enough to renew the domain. It’s been a hard time for me.

In April, I started to working on Project Euler. I stuck at problem 8 because I have to focus on mid-semester exam. It’s a pitty excuse. Why I don’t continue the problem after mid-semester exam finished?

This year, I should be better at archiving a todo list.

In May, my role as Google Student Ambassador(GSA) South-East Asia at Airlangga University is done. It’s been very exciting to work with Google Student Group at Airlangga University and all GSAs from Indonesia.

Me and Riliv team (formerly Relieve) is go to Google Japan! We won a Android Indonesia #SatuMulai campaign. Awesome experiences. I met a bunch of googler and eat sushi with them.

In June, I left the Riliv team. It’s been hard decision for me. But I have to focus on my research and study in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In July, I learn more deeply about Dynamic Programming Algorithm. I can’t recommend enough this lectures.

I planned to end the summer of 2015 as intern at Silicon Valley company. Especially Dropbox. Because I love the dropbox’s vision. Besides I’m very interested to learn and contribute to scale their distributed system.

I applied at Indo2SV, a 3-month mentorship from fellow Indonesian employees, to learn more about internship at Silicon Valley. But I mess up at technical interview selection. Maybe because this is the first time for me.

My plan to internship at Dropbox is fail. Maybe this year? hehe.

In December, the last month, it’s very exciting month for me.

I released one of my Artifical Intelligence(AI) for the first time. It’s called a “Sayoeti”, the PR’s assistant of Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) that powered by AI. It’s also the first AI that help Indonesian Goverment publicly.

I also got an Internship from Telkomsel, one of the biggest mobile phone network company in Indonesia. In January-February this year, I will work on AI system for their internal organization.

This year, I should be better at implementing a Machine Learning algorithm.

I can’t wait to start 2016!